Hi, I'm Bady.
I’m a user interface designer. 


About Me

I'm a designer, husband and father based in Singapore. Currently working full time at DBS Bank and freelancing as a side project.



For the past eight years, I have been helping wide range of clients from small/mid-sized startups to well-established companies improve & add more value to their products through design.

I believe in design as a better approach to solve human problem. My expertise are in designing meaningful visual design through iterative process and prototyping. 





Selected Clients

DBS Bank/ Remixr/ Cardeo/ Wego/ Trippeo/ Spling/ Magnises/ Happy2Help/ Progressly/ American Honor/ Euclid Anlytics/ Sandbox Industries

There are few exceptional designers, and not only is Bady one of them, but his work constantly creates trends and turns heads. Bady is a full-fledged product designer who excels in interface, interaction, and experience creation. He has and will continue to be pivotal to the success of large-scale media, e-commerce, and social sites.
— Billy - Magnises